Acadiana Orthopedic Group - Lafayette, LA

acadiana orthopedic group lafayette la

The Acadiana Orthopedic Group Lafayette La is an All-State, Denominational and Fraternal Health and Social Service Association. The Group was formed in 1933 by one man and his wife. These early years are remembered as the beginning of a legacy of philanthropy and service to the poor and disadvantaged.

The local headquarters for the group is located in Lafayette, LA at 2032 Old Highway 2. The general office of the Acadiana Orthopedic Group Lafayette La is located at 3449 Canfield Road. Contact information for the local Health, Social Services, and Educational programs can be found online. They are the biggest provider of free services and assistance to the needy in the Lafayette, Louisiana area.

Lafayette is known for its amazing fishing and wildlife. Both of these things can be found along the Mississippi River and other nearby lakes and rivers. Many of the fishing communities have grown up over the years to be places where people from all over the world make their home.

The Acadiana Orthopedic Group Lafayette La is one of these areas. There are various kinds of classes that are offered, depending on the need of the individual. A wide variety of clinics and medical practices to offer quality services in helping people with disabilities get back to normal lives.

Lafayette is also famous for its different kinds of specialties. Local doctors like Dr. Ronald Alvarado, Dr. James Walker, Dr. Harold Garbers, Dr. Frank Prayton, Dr. Christian Meyers, Dr. James Meyers, Dr. Richard Miller, Dr. William Whitesell, Dr. Edward Hamilton, Dr. Jonathan Kloss, Dr. Robert "Bobby" McGehee, Dr. William Collins, Dr. Anson Russell, Dr. Morris Adams, Dr. William Holmes, Dr. Carlie Heglin, Dr. William Gordon and Dr. Thomas Michael, are just some of the Lafayette doctors you may come across. Of course, there are several other doctors you may find in the surrounding areas too.

Orthopedic treatment, like all specialties, is divided into two parts. In surgery, orthopedic surgeons are in charge of making sure that the patient is able to walk again.

Doctorial care is offered in the areas of nutrition, respiratory support, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, psychological counseling, mental health, physical health, rehabilitative care, etc. A lot of these clinics can be found around Lafayette. In fact, every neighborhood in the Lafayette area has an Osteopathic physician. They are usually neighbors or friends of the Orthopedic physician's patients.

If you find yourself in need of a doctor that is not listed here, ask around. You can always talk to your local Osteopathic doctor if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of finding a doctor in another area.

With the many agencies that can offer health and wellness services to those in need of them, there is no reason for you to struggle to get well. You can find great support through social services in your community. There are also many other agencies that help to provide educational programs for people who are disabled or special needs.

You may find the Acadiana Orthopedic Group Lafayette La also offering a variety of grants for those in need of assistance. They are also building a clinic for their disabled citizens so that they can seek out free or low cost health and wellness services.

Support for the people with special needs is essential in keeping them healthy and in living a life without the financial stress. The people of Lafayette are caring and compassionate. Be sure to check out all of the different agencies in town.

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