How to Deal With a Herpes Outbreak?

prednisone for viral infection

Herpes is a contagious virus, but the human body has the innate ability to deal with it, and one way to do so is to administer a course of Prophylactic injections known as Prednisone for viral infection. This drug has been used for years to fight off infections, and it has proved very effective in controlling outbreaks of herpes as well.

This drug works by blocking the production of natural antiviral substances in the body. These substances, while being there naturally are a defense mechanism against viral infections.

These substances also have an effect on the immune system, which prevents the over-production of certain cell receptors, which the herpes virus uses to find its way into the body. In other words, the body gets its pre-emptive fighting back power while the virus is still at large.

Another way to prevent herpes or any other viral infection is to administer a course of antiviral medications. This works because when a virus infects the body it can produce both its own antiviral agents and those produced by the immune system, and when the body becomes too busy trying to defeat the viral infection it doesn't get enough time to manufacture antiviral drugs.

By administering antiviral drugs, the immune system gets its work done before the virus can set in, and the body begins to start up production of all the antiviral agents it needs to thwart the virus. When taken over a period of time, these drug therapies can bring about a good reduction in the number of new viruses being released into the body.

One of the biggest issues with herpes is that if left untreated the virus can cause such diseases as meningitis, encephalitis, arthritis, migraine, and memory loss. It can also lead to depression, psychosis, and dementia, all of which are very serious problems.

Those with immune system problems and unable to take anti-viral medications should always consult their doctor or get them from a licensed alternative medicine practitioner. A few vaccines have been developed that can help protect the body against herpes and the more modern ones can also prevent herpes in the future.

However, such medications are not without side effects and are especially so when they are not administered in a timely manner. These can include severe depression, vertigo, hearing and vision problems, and so on.

Moreover, the side effects of such medication can weaken the immune system and thus make the symptoms of herpes much worse. For this reason it is always best to avoid the use of antiviral drugs if possible.

The next option would be a natural treatment for herpes, which does not involve drugs. Such treatments can be either herbal or even holistic, which focuses on improving the natural functions of the body, as opposed to suppressing its ability to fight viruses.

A natural treatment for herpes will have to be able to control and maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. Since so many people are not taking such therapies, there has been a rise in the rate of outbreaks.

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